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    At Discover Network, we explore possibilities that other networks don't. We ask big questions like "What if?" and "Why not?" We work hard to understand your business and exactly where you want to take it. Then together, we create original, seamless, payments solutions that get you there. Let's partner and see where innovation takes us.

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    Discover Network is more resourceful, more capable and more flexible than you may realize. We have millions of loyal cardholders worldwide with 31 million merchant locations in 185 countries. But the biggest surprise may be our attitude. We're eager to create innovative, exceptionally hardworking payments solutions. So let's talk.

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    Payments don't have to be complicated. At Discover Network, we believe simple is the shortest distance between problem and solution. So we remove complexity at every step to drive business. Simple can be effective. It can get your solution to market quickly. It can make partnerships more productive and the entire payments experience less complicated. There's a lot to be said for simple. Let's talk about it.

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What can the world's fastest growing payments network do for your business? Grow it. Accelerate it. Transform it. When you partner with Discover Network, you're tapping in to the buying power of millions of loyal cardholders worldwide. Together, we can create original custom payments solutions that drive your business in ways and places you never imagined.

Let's go global.

Simple is

At Discover Network, we keep it simple. When you collaborate with us, you do so free of complications. No rules or regulatory complications, no technology or transactional issues. We take care of all that, so you don't have to. Together, we can design powerfully simple payments products that work perfectly for your business.

Let's do simple.

We're talking capabilities.

It's important for people to keep in mind just how big our scale is globally. That we are the third largest payments network in the world.1 With that scale comes the ability to make connections and to create opportunities, products and services that can be unique in the marketplace and that can really help our partners and our clients grow their business.

Pete Illian, Vice President, Global Marketing, Discover Network

Our capabilities are unique in the payments space. Pretty much everything we do is about creating a custom solution for our partners.

Diane Offereins, President, Payments Services, Discover Network

We've always been that scrappy network that's had to build everything on its own. So, for us, it's about creating unique solutions that can be scalable, can be rolled out, can be built over time, in a flexible environment.

Pete Illian, Vice President, Global Marketing, Discover Network

I know we’re getting it right when I hear clients say to us 'you guys are doing things that other networks won't even talk to us about'.

Michael Canady, Vice President, Acquirer Relations, Discover Network

We're talking simple.

We take complexity off your plate. When choosing a partner in the payments space, ask yourself who can best deliver a simple solution and make it feel like your own business? That's when we're at our best.

Diane Offereins, President, Payments Services, Discover Network

We help businesses seamlessly integrate with us to accelerate their time to market. We do it without a lot of cycles back and forth. In the end, it's the simple idea that tests well and 'plugs and plays' without a hitch.

Joby Orlowsky, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Discover Network

1Nilson Report #1033, January 2014